Cadbury Perk, renowned as one of Mondelez India’s beloved and playful brands, unveils a fresh and lively campaign featuring Bollywood Actress Alia Bhatt. Through a delightful television commercial, Cadbury Perk champions the message of embracing life’s challenges with a light-hearted attitude, encapsulated in the mantra ‘Take it lightly’.

In a world often fraught with minor stresses and uncertainties, Cadbury Perk champions the power of positivity and light-hearted enjoyment. Anchored on the brand’s purpose of ‘Take It Lightly,’ the campaign endeavours to inspire individuals to confront life’s twists and turns with humour and optimism. With an engaging narrative, Cadbury Perk aims to strike a chord with its audience, urging them to face life’s ups and downs with a smile and a Perk in hand.

Commenting on the campaign, Mr. Nitin Saini, Vice President- Marketing at Mondelez India, remarked, “Since its inception, Cadbury Perk has resonated with youth culture due to its fun personality and light-hearted narrative. Building on this legacy, our new film demonstrates how a simple shift in attitude can significantly impact navigating life’s challenges with positivity. We believe this campaign will strike a chord with young consumers who approach life with the same zest as our brand ambassador Alia Bhatt, inspiring them to embrace a lighter and more joyful approach to everyday hurdles.”

Expressing her enthusiasm about the collaboration, Alia Bhatt shared, “I’ve always been fond of Cadbury Perk as I deeply connect with their philosophy of navigating life’s small setbacks with humour and optimism. This longstanding partnership has been an absolute delight!”

Sukesh Nayak, Chief Creative Officer at Ogilvy India, added, “We are thrilled to create a new film for Cadbury Perk. This brand embodies the contemporary need to take things lightly. Everyday irritations can sometimes overshadow us, affecting our mood. Perk, with its light chocolate format, helps us overcome such moments in life by lifting our spirits. It was a joy collaborating with Alia Bhatt and Prasoon Pandey on this project, both known for their light-hearted approach to life.”

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