Kansai Nerolac Paints Limited (KNPL), a prominent player in India’s paint industry, has revealed a new Television Commercial (TVC) campaign with the aim of strengthening its foothold in Tamil Nadu. This campaign features Ma Ka Pa Anand, a well-known actor and television personality, as the brand ambassador for Tamil Nadu, and highlights the attributes of ‘Nerolac Beauty Little Master Sheen’ and Nerolac introduces a fresh TV commercial campaign featuring Ma Ka Pa in Tamil Nadu.

The TVC revolves around portraying Nerolac’s Paint+ range as the ultimate choice for achieving a luxurious sheen finish at a pocket-friendly price. Through a heartwarming narrative, the ad captures the excitement and pride of a young family moving into a new home, showcasing their admiration for the flawless sheen of their freshly painted walls. The incorporation of cultural elements and relatable interactions with neighbors adds authenticity to the storyline, emphasizing the premium quality of ‘Nerolac Beauty Little Master Sheen’ and ‘Nerolac Suraksha Sheen’ at an affordable price point.

Rohit Malkani, Senior Vice President – Decorative Sales and Marketing at Kansai Nerolac Paints Limited, expressed his delight at the launch of two disruptive products in the Tamil Nadu market through the new TVC. He explained that consumer insights revealed a demand for a rich sheen finish at a price that is affordable, leading to the introduction of Nerolac Beauty Little Master Sheen and Nerolac Suraksha Sheen. These products, part of the expanding Paint+ range, offer meaningful differentiation and democratize sheen for consumers.

Malkani added, “With Ma Ka Pa as the protagonist, known for his smart, youthful persona and widespread appeal, we aim to connect with consumers across Tamil Nadu and reinforce Nerolac’s position as the go-to choice for quality paints, underscoring our commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction.”

Vishal Nicholas, Executive Creative Director at FCB Ulka, commented on the campaign’s creative direction, emphasizing the use of the iconic Nerolac jingle infused with a lively regional flavor. He highlighted the visual device of sunglasses as a nod to both product performance and cultural significance, along with vibrant frames, nuanced humor, and a treat for the senses.

Conceptualized by FCB Ulka and directed by S. V Ashwathram, the TVC aims to position Nerolac as the preferred brand for consumers seeking high-performance sheen paints that enhance the aesthetic appeal of their homes affordably.

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