Orient Electric Limited, a part of the diverse USD 2.9 billion CK Birla Group, has unveiled a new television commercial (TVC) campaign to promote its premium line of BLDC fans. This innovative advertisement, featuring renowned brand ambassador MS Dhoni in a unique portrayal, embarks viewers on an exhilarating journey through time, revealing the ‘Future of Fans’.

Set against a backdrop of a futuristic metropolis, the TVC commences with a breathtaking aerial view of a bustling cricket stadium. However, the twist becomes evident swiftly – robots are the players! With anticipation, the bowler’s arm illuminates as the game intensifies, and the batsman effortlessly strikes the ball. The ball whizzes through the air towards the stands, where a futuristic rendition of MS Dhoni, sporting a cool demeanor in an elder avatar, effortlessly catches it. Holding the ball, Dhoni muses, “Pata nahin cricket ka future kaisa hoga” (I wonder how the future of cricket will be), and seamlessly, we transition to the present day, where Dhoni relaxes in his living room. Here, he asserts, “Par fans ka future…pata hai” (But the future of fans… I know), indicating towards the stylish Orient Aeroslim BLDC fan above.

The TVC cleverly employs this futuristic narrative to assert that the future of fans is already here – embodied by the premium Orient BLDC fans, which signify a leap forward in technology, design, and energy efficiency. Showcasing contemporary designs, finishes, and features such as IoT connectivity, Orient BLDC fans epitomize innovation and sophistication. The meticulous VFX in the TVC adds depth to the futuristic storyline, captivating viewers with its stunning portrayal of the envisioned future.

Anika Agarwal, Chief Marketing and Customer Experience Officer at Orient Electric Limited, remarked, “In the midst of the IPL fervor, we are delighted to unveil our latest TVC featuring our brand ambassador MS Dhoni in an unprecedented avatar. This TVC not only showcases our premium, energy-saving BLDC fans but also encapsulates the evolving preferences of modern consumers.”

Koushik Sarkar, the Director of the TVC, added, “Crafting a narrative around the future of a national obsession like cricket, featuring a national icon like MSD, and making an already futuristic Orient BLDC ceiling fan stand out distinctly from others in its category was quite a challenge.”

The TVC, produced in eight languages to resonate with diverse audiences, will be strongly supported by print, digital, and out-of-home advertising initiatives.

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