Sleepyhead, renowned for its innovative and tech-driven mattresses, proudly unveils its latest offering, the Technic Grid Mattress, in collaboration with actor Ranveer Singh. In a thrilling campaign, Singh plays the hero who saves Mumbai from an alien invasion by retrieving the Technic Grid Mattress, equipped with a 6D Hexagonal Grid and a 3-Zone body pressure distribution system. This ground breaking mattress promises to revolutionize sleep comfort and spinal support.

Shivakant Menon, creative director at Decision Pinnacle, the mastermind behind the campaign, shares his perspective: “Modern advertising often strives to blend into reality, aiming for a cool and urban appeal. However, the majority of India seeks entertainment rather than a logical narrative. With this film, our goal was simple: to entertain and create lasting brand recall. Departing from conventional mattress ads, we leveraged Ranveer Singh’s dynamic persona to bring vibrant energy to the screen. Since the brand embodies a jester archetype, we emphasized fun and exaggeration in depicting the ‘future of sleep’ to ensure strong brand resonance.”

The film follows Ranveer’s escapades as he travels into the future to snatch the alien invaders’ secret weapon—the Technic Grid Mattress—moments before disaster strikes. However, upon landing on the mattress, Ranveer finds himself irresistibly comfortable and drifts into a peaceful slumber. In a humorous twist, he manages to outsmart the aliens, saving Mumbai and securing the futuristic mattress.

The Technic Grid Mattress transcends ordinary sleep solutions with its innovative design. Featuring a hexagonal structure with over 3000 air channels, it ensures optimal heat dissipation for a cool and comfortable sleep environment. Its 3-zone configuration caters to different body regions, offering tailored comfort and unparalleled back support to keep the spine aligned and relieve pressure points for a restful night’s sleep.

Nirvana Films brings this captivating story to life, with veteran director Rajiv Rao expressing his delight: “Working on this project was a delight, especially with a quirky script and Ranveer Singh on a levitating mattress! His infectious energy and commitment to his roles are remarkable. To enhance Ranveer’s character, we infused a retro vibe reminiscent of the 80s into the set designs, costumes, and even the adorable aliens, adding depth and charm to the narrative.”

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