Following Team India’s triumphant victory last night, Ferrero India’s Ferrero Rocher Moments aims to make celebrations even sweeter! As India emerges victorious in the ICC T20 Men’s World Cup 2024, a digital celebration film starring actress Sara Ali Khan alongside the shareable pack of Ferrero Rocher Moments promises to captivate audiences.

In the midst of cricket fever, the film captures Sara Ali Khan’s joyous reaction as she spreads the news. Celebrating the win, she suggests enhancing the moment with Ferrero Rocher Moments, highlighting its shareable nature with enthusiasm. Encouraging viewers to rally behind Team India, she invites them to share Ferrero Rocher Moments before joining friends to enjoy the pack together.

Reflecting on the victory, the film showcases how Ferrero Rocher Moments elevates celebrations to “Make the Mmmmoment Perfect.” The treat features a creamy hazelnut and cocoa filling wrapped in a crispy shell with crunchy cocoa sprinkles, offering a delightful multisensory taste experience.

Ferrero Rocher Moments stands out as a beloved everyday sharing brand, transforming any occasion into a perfect moment with loved ones.

Zoher Kapuswala, Marketing Head, Pralines, Ferrero India, expressed excitement, stating, “We’re thrilled to celebrate this historic victory with the nation. Our new film, starring the charming Sara Ali Khan, encourages everyone to share Ferrero Rocher Moments and create unforgettable cricket-frenzy memories with loved ones. By leveraging moment marketing and locally relevant content, amplified with celebrity endorsement, we aim to delight Indian consumers. Every victory deserves sweetness, and here we offer a creamy hazelnut taste experience in a crispy shell, ensuring a multisensory delight.”

Manufactured at Ferrero India’s Baramati plant near Pune, Ferrero Rocher Moments proudly contributes to the ‘Make in India’ initiative. Packaged in a premium, easy-to-share gifting format, Ferrero Rocher Moments aims to elevate everyday moments into perfect opportunities for indulgence and gifting.

The new digital campaign will roll out across various social media platforms soon.

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