Publicis India, a branch of Publicis Groupe India, has launched its latest campaign, “Fabulously Futuristic,” for Enamor, a leading lingerie brand in India. This innovative campaign celebrates the active, modern woman and highlights the features of Enamor’s ground-breaking “Innovations” line.

Developed by Publicis India, the “Fabulously Futuristic” campaign consists of six digital films that depart from traditional lingerie advertising. These films emphasize the limitless power and grace found in everyday activities, with each one focusing on a product from the “Innovations” line-up and showcasing its unique features.

The films portray women engaged in activities that embody strength and beauty, seamlessly integrating the product range while emphasizing the benefits of each garment, such as flexibility, breathability, cooling support with N9 temperature control technology, eco-friendly fabrics, and gel-filled cups for superior comfort and support.

Publicis India’s talent for crafting impactful narratives aligns perfectly with Enamor’s goal of showcasing “Innovation” in an inspiring and beautiful manner. This campaign exemplifies the agency’s ability to empower brands and consumers by creating deeper connections.

“Enamor has long been a leader in innovation within the lingerie category. For the Innovations range campaign, we aimed to highlight the brand’s rightful ownership of this space. It features stylish, strong women embracing moments of complete freedom, supported by cutting-edge technology in the bras. We chose art forms like ballet and aerial yoga to beautifully convey the ‘proof of concepts’. The music and movements celebrate the Enamor woman’s free spirit as she steps into a fabulous future,” said Shitu Patil and Aman Mannan, Joint National Creative Directors at Publicis India.

Sandra Daniels, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Enamor, elaborated on the campaign’s foundation in a basic human truth: “Lingerie is a deeply personal and essential part of a woman’s life. It’s not only a daily product but also a crucial experience for her as a woman. She seeks perfection in fit, fabric, and style. With the Innovations campaign, we aim to address these needs, ensuring women have the best lingerie experience, allowing them to feel completely free and comfortable to explore and embrace their most fabulous selves.”

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