The collaboration between Australian cricketer David Warner and Indian director SS Rajamouli in a CRED advertisement is a surprising crossover that has caught many off guard. The ad showcases Warner’s attempt to convince Rajamouli to cast him in one of his films, leading to a series of comedic moments that are sure to tickle your funny bone.

This advertisement follows CRED’s trend of featuring unexpected scenarios to promote its services during the IPL season. In a previous ad, tennis star Leander Paes negotiated a discount on his restaurant bill but faced the consequence of having to use a racket to swat mosquitoes if he didn’t pay with CRED UPI. In Warner’s case, he presents Rajamouli with a comically impossible choice: either let him direct Rajamouli’s next blockbuster (or perhaps, flop) or simply switch to CRED UPI.

The ad leaves viewers wondering about the legendary director’s reaction or invites them to witness the hilarity themselves. Switching to CRED UPI promises users an enhanced payment experience with the added benefit of earning cashback on every transaction and reducing their credit card bills.

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