On World MSME Day, UGRO Capital launches the ‘MSME Accha Hai’ campaign, featuring an anthem celebrating the crucial role of micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) in India’s economy, which account for about 30% of the GDP.

The campaign encourages MSMEs to shift from cash-based operations to the formal economy, enhancing their access to credit and promoting business growth. The anthem, created by UGRO’s marketing team using advanced AI technology, will debut on UGRO Capital’s YouTube channel and be promoted across LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Twitter to reach over a million MSMEs and stakeholders.

Shachindra Nath, Founder and Managing Director of UGRO Capital, expressed the company’s dedication to the MSME sector, emphasizing the importance of acknowledging their contributions and supporting their transition to the formal economy.

MSMEs, comprising over 90% of businesses and employing 120 million people, are vital for innovation and employment in India. However, many face funding challenges that hinder their growth. UGRO Capital aims to address this by offering tailored loans to support their expansion and integration into the broader economy.

Join UGRO Capital in celebrating MSMEs this World MSME Day by participating in their social media contest and sharing the anthem to honor and empower these essential businesses.

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