Visa (NYSE: V), the global leader in digital payments, has launched its newest campaign, ‘Pay Safe Everyday with Visa’. This collaboration marks Visa’s second venture with brand ambassador Vicky Kaushal, underscoring the significance of simple actions that ensure the safety of everyday transactions, transforming ordinary moments into memorable celebrations. By enhancing its brand proposition with an emotional appeal, the campaign showcases Visa’s steadfast commitment to providing secure and reliable payment options for every transaction, regardless of size.

The campaign comprises three heart-warming 30-second films featuring Vicky Kaushal and his companion navigating through everyday scenarios – from a late-night snack run to grocery shopping to selecting a birthday gift for their boss. With Visa’s secure payment option chosen in each situation, the films underscore the confidence in utilizing Visa for everyday needs.

Sujatha V. Kumar, Head of Marketing, India and South Asia, Visa, remarked, “Visa is dedicated to empowering consumers with our trustworthy and secure payment network, enabling them to focus on creating meaningful memories. Through the ‘Pay Safe Everyday with Visa’ campaign, we aim to deepen our emotional connection with cardholders, emphasizing the importance of safety in every digital transaction. With Visa, it’s more than just a transaction; it’s a small step that can lead to great outcomes.”

Vicky Kaushal, actor and Visa brand ambassador in India, shared, “The concept of the ‘Pay Safe Everyday with Visa’ campaign resonates with me as it underscores the significance of simple actions that ensure our safety while contributing to memorable experiences. With this campaign, we aim to highlight the importance of security in daily digital payments. I’m thrilled to continue this journey and assist consumers in feeling secure and supported with Visa.”

Crafted by Leo Burnett, the campaign highlights Visa’s ongoing proactive measures to enhance payment security, including advanced technologies such as integrating 500 layers of security and tokenization for secure digital payments. Through relatable scenarios, the advertisements resonate with the everyday experiences of consumers across India. By demonstrating how choosing Visa for everyday payments can make transactions secure and stress-free, the ad films evoke feelings of joy and nostalgia, prompting viewers to reflect on their own cherished memories.

Sachin Kamble, National Creative Director at Leo Burnett India, shared insights on the campaign, stating, “With the convenience of digital transactions comes concerns about security. Our latest three-film campaign aims to reaffirm Visa’s commitment to empowering consumers to ensure the safety of everyday transactions. Each film depicts a slice-of-life moment where a digital payment is made, emphasizing how using Visa can make a difference in safeguarding your payments and hard-earned money. With Vicky Kaushal effortlessly connecting with Indian audiences, he effectively helps convey this message.”

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