Bangur Cement has introduced an innovative multimedia initiative titled ‘Vote Solid, Desh Solid,’ aimed at underlining the significance of every citizen’s vote in fortifying the nation. This campaign follows the footsteps of the previous successful brand launch featuring Bollywood luminary Sunny Deol.

At the heart of this endeavor lies the resounding message: ‘Vote Solid, Desh Solid.’

Moreover, the brand urges individuals to commit to voting by utilizing the “Vote ka Vachan” feature on its website For each pledge made, Bangur Cement pledges to donate 1 KG of cement, earmarked for charitable endeavors. To fulfill this commitment, the company is collaborating with NGOs and Self-Help Groups.

Commenting on this initiative, Neeraj Akhoury, Managing Director of Shree Cement, stated, “Bangur Cement’s ‘Vote Solid Desh Solid’ campaign and the ‘Vote Ka Vachan’ pledge epitomize our unwavering dedication to fostering a progressive and inclusive nation through our brands, products, and network.”

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