By the conclusion of 2025, Netflix is set to launch its own proprietary advertising technology platform. This platform will revolutionize how advertisers secure ad space, gauge campaign effectiveness, and glean insights into viewer behavior.

The surge in the ad-supported tier has been remarkable, drawing in 40 million users globally. Notably, in regions where it’s accessible, over 40% of new subscribers opt for the ad-supported plan, underscoring significant consumer interest.

In a bid to ensure transparency and efficacy, Netflix is forging partnerships with industry stalwarts such as DoubleVerify and Nielsen. These collaborations promise advertisers independent verification of ad delivery and campaign performance.

Expanding its roster of programmatic buying partners, Netflix is now including The Trade Desk, Google’s Display & Video 360, and Magnite, alongside Microsoft. This broader spectrum of partners offers advertisers greater flexibility in ad space procurement on Netflix.

A pivotal point to note is Netflix’s exceptionally engaged user base. With over 70% of ad-supported plan members viewing more than 10 hours per month, Netflix surpasses competitor view times by a significant margin.

Netflix underscores its dedication to preserving a positive user experience. Through meticulous research, they ensure ads are strategically placed without disrupting viewers’ enjoyment of their preferred content.

Netflix also highlights the “Netflix effect,” wherein popular shows foster fervent fandoms. Advertisers can tap into these committed audiences through the ad plan and potentially via future live events.

While flaunting impressive user engagement figures, Netflix plans to discontinue reporting subscriber numbers and average revenue per user (ARM) by 2025. They argue these metrics offer limited insight into long-term success, preferring to concentrate on revenue, profitability, and watch time as more indicative business health measures.

In essence, Netflix is aggressively venturing into the ad-supported streaming market. Armed with cutting-edge technology, a rapidly expanding user base, and a highly engaged audience, they offer advertisers invaluable opportunities while prioritizing user experience.

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