Havas India has appointed John Thangaraj as Chief Strategy Officer of Havas Creative Network India. His responsibilities will span across Havas Worldwide India (creative), Havas CX India (customer experience), Conran Design Mumbai (brand design), Ekino (technology), and Havas People India (employer branding). Based in Gurugram, he will report to Rana Barua, Group CEO of Havas India, South East Asia, and North Asia (Japan & South Korea).

Rana Barua expressed confidence in Thangaraj’s ability to drive growth and integration across the network, working closely with leaders like Anupama Ramaswamy, Kundan Joshee, Geet Nazir, Prashant Tekwani, and Arindam Sengupta. Barua emphasized Thangaraj’s role in consolidating client relationships and driving thought leadership.

Thangaraj, with 22 years of experience in marketing communications, expressed enthusiasm for joining Havas, highlighting the network’s integration and potential for creating client value. His career includes roles in PR, marketing, and strategic planning with brands like adidas, Bacardi, Nestle, Pepsico, Google, and Uber.

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