Hyatt Hotels launched the #WellnessAtHyatt campaign to celebrate International Yoga Week in India, emphasizing wellness and holistic living. This week-long campaign aligns with Hyatt’s focus on ‘Loyalty, Luxury, Leisure, Lifestyle, and Wellness’ (LLLLW) to meet evolving consumer demands in India and Southwest Asia.

The campaign features wellness narratives encouraging self-discovery and holistic health, amplified by partnerships with wellness, fitness, and lifestyle influencers. Deepa Krishnan, Head of Marketing for India and Southwest Asia, highlighted Hyatt’s commitment to providing transformative wellness experiences that cater to physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.

Hyatt’s 50+ hotels in India will offer tailored wellness experiences, with unique offerings at seven key hotels:

– Grand Hyatt Kochi: Traditional Sadhya meals, art displays, houseboat spa sessions, yoga, hydrotherapy, and sound healing.

– Hyatt Regency Dehradun: Nature journeys, wellness spa treatments, sandhya art, Ganga arti darshan, and helicopter tours to Kedarnath.

– Andaz Delhi: Chakra reading and healing, puppy yoga, pottery classes, and a fitness center.

– Grand Hyatt Goa: Fish Spa, Aqua Yoga, and Fishing by the Bay.

– Hyatt Place Bodhgaya: Holistic spa experience and a meditation room.

– Alila Diwa Goa: Bespoke services and lifestyle facilities like the Alila Master class, Spa Alila, and Sundowner at Bistro.

– Hyatt Regency Dharamshala: Tibetan healing treatments, guided nature walks, and culinary experiences featuring local cuisine.

This campaign marks a significant step in Hyatt’s growth, showcasing its dedication to wellness and holistic living.

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