Go Digit General Insurance (Digit Insurance) launched its “That’s it!” campaign featuring brand ambassador Virat Kohli ahead of the Super 8 matches at the ICC T20 World Cup. The campaign focuses on transforming the perception of insurance claims from complex to delightful, showcasing the ease and speed of filing claims with Digit Insurance.

In the ad, Kohli and his niece face an unusual scenario where three coconuts damage their car. Doubting the ease of filing a claim, they contact Digit Insurance’s customer care. To their surprise, they are informed that simply recording a video of the damage is sufficient, prompting their delighted reaction, “THAT’S IT?”

Tanya Marwah, head of marketing at Digit Insurance, emphasized the campaign’s focus on customer delight through simplified, tech-backed processes. Virat Kohli echoed this sentiment, noting how Digit’s innovation makes claims quick and easy, challenging the usual perception of complexity.

The campaign, directed by Akshat Gupt of Kulfi Collective, aims to capture the unexpectedly pleasant experience of dealing with Digit Insurance. It will be featured during the Super 8 stage of the T20 World Cup, in cinemas across India, and on various OTT platforms and social media.

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