CarDekho Group, a leading auto-tech and finance platform, has unveiled its latest digital venture with the introduction of TractorsDekho. This new platform is dedicated to catering to the informational requirements of the agricultural community and fostering agricultural advancement in India.

Leveraging the expertise and success of CarDekho in providing comprehensive automotive information, reviews, and purchasing guidance, TractorsDekho aims to revolutionize the agricultural sector by offering a plethora of resources tailored specifically to tractors.

With this launch, CarDekho Group ventures into the commercial and agricultural vehicle sector, targeting the previously underserved segment of tractors.

Mayank Jain, CEO of New Auto at CarDekho Group, emphasized the significance of India’s agricultural sector in driving economic growth and supporting the nation’s populace. He highlighted the pivotal role of tractors for farmers and acknowledged their struggle with limited access to relevant information. The launch of TractorsDekho is aimed at simplifying the tractor research process for farmers, facilitating informed decision-making, and ultimately contributing to rural economic development nationwide.

TractorsDekho offers a range of features tailored to the needs of tractor buyers, including diverse sections catering to various user requirements and presenting refined information in an engaging format. The platform’s digital interface ensures a user-friendly experience, providing access to a comprehensive database and offering intelligent suggestions to meet users’ needs.

Furthermore, TractorsDekho facilitates seamless connectivity among buyers, sellers, dealers, and service centers within its extensive network, streamlining the tractor research process. With intuitive search functionalities and navigation, users can enjoy a hassle-free experience, complemented by access to the latest news and expert insights on tractor technology and industry trends.

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