XYXX, India’s premier men’s lifestyle label, launches “Ultimate Undie-pendence,” an innovative campaign featuring brand ambassador and investor, KL Rahul. The campaign sheds light on a prevalent issue: men’s enduring discomfort with conventional cotton underwear. Conceptualized by Talented and produced by First December Films, the campaign depicts a dystopian world where men are physically shackled by their underwear, struggling with basic tasks due to discomfort. KL Rahul intervenes by ordering XYXX TENCEL™ Modal Micro-made underwear, leading to a celebration of newfound comfort and freedom. Backed by a soundtrack by Varkey, the campaign promotes “Undie-pendence,” advocating for a switch to superior underwear for enhanced comfort. XYXX aims to spark conversation and shift perceptions, urging men to explore TENCEL™ Modal Micro-made underwear over traditional cotton. The campaign extends beyond the film with outdoor ads and on-ground activations, reinforcing XYXX’s commitment to diverse demographics. This ground-breaking campaign marks a shift in innerwear advertising, focusing on comfort, quality, and style to encourage consumers to upgrade their daily lives with superior innerwear like the new Volt collection.

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