Equativ, a global ad tech company, has merged with Sharethrough, a leading omnichannel ad exchange, to create one of the world’s largest ad marketplaces. The combined entity, with over 720 employees in 18 countries and a net recurring revenue exceeding $200M, aims to provide an independent, vertically-integrated alternative to major ad platforms.

The merger will leverage both companies’ advanced technological assets and global presence to offer a wide range of services, including advanced video and CTV strategies, enhanced ad performance through Sharethrough’s platform, efficient transactions via Equativ’s curation platform, and comprehensive addressability solutions. These services are designed to optimize programmatic value, improve campaign performance, and support sustainable media practices.

Equativ and Sharethrough have seen significant growth, with 16% and 20% year-over-year increases in Q1 2024, respectively. This growth is attributed to new strategic partnerships and increased revenue from innovative products. The merger is expected to drive further growth and position the combined entity among the top three independent SSPs globally.

Arnaud Créput, CEO of Equativ, and JF Cote, CEO of Sharethrough, highlighted the compatibility of their company cultures and the potential for operational efficiencies and scalability. Bridgepoint Development Capital, Equativ’s primary investor, expressed confidence in the merger’s ability to redefine the programmatic advertising landscape and create exceptional opportunities for stakeholders.

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